"Hopscotch: A One-of-a-Kind Clinic Devoted to Child Health Care"

The Hopscotch Family Centered Philosophy:

Developing mutual respect between the doctor and the patient and the patient's parent or guardian is key to providing superior pediatric health care.

In keeping with that philosophy, Hopscotch pledges:

* To schedule patient appointments responsibly so that our patient is guaranteed maximum time with the attending doctor;

* To assure direct communication between patient and the doctor. Hopscotch doctors are reachable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on their cell phones. At Hopscotch, there are no answering machines;

* To create and maintain a clinic atmosphere and environment that assures the patient's comfort as possible;

* To ensure there is no wait in our waiting room. At the appointed time, the patient checks in with clinic staff and is taken directly to the examining room where the doctor has prepared for the visit;

While our pledge to treating the patient might sound outdated--in a bustling digital world of the 21st century--we believe the interpersonal, family centered approach is still the best.